About Kirk Stathes

“I have a good sense for space. When I draw it, I know how it lives and how it works.” Architect Kirk Stathes

A good architect can sense the pulse of a whole home's space and its flow and tempo before it is more than a drawing. Kirk Stathes has a practiced, innate handle on form, scale and light, so much so that he's able to gauge the effectiveness of simple square footage as it applies to a client's complex vision.

For more than 40 years, Kirk Stathes has specialized in residential architecture - from remodels to large custom homes - plus small commercial spaces.

Stathes' architectural skill extends beyond type. He doesn't limit his work to a particular style, but rather has evolved his trade to the point of delivering design-build plans that are precisely appropriate for a particular client, neighborhood and budget.

Stathes was a pioneer in the use of solar panels in Boulder, Colorado in the late '70s. His employment of the latest technologies and materials continues to enhance the lasting, appreciable value of the homes he designs today.

Trained at California State Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, California, Stathes has practiced in Virginia, Hawaii, Washington, and Colorado, most recently with Wagner Architectural Team and Martin Design. His office is located in Parker, Colorado.