Our Testimonials

“I have designed up to three different homes for several clients, even using different builders for those repeat clients, and achieved their every expectation.” Architect Kirk Stathes

“Kirk is very diligent and actually cares about how the final product turns out. He doesn't just scribble something on paper like a lot of the architects out there. I have worked with him for more than 20 years and he has a very high degree of integrity.”

- Rob Gaddy, Gaddy Construction and past homeowner of a Kirk Stathes-designed home


“Kirk was sensitive to our lifestyle. Just by observing our existing house, he knew exactly what would best fit our lifestyle in our next home.”

- Carrie Currier, Denver, Colorado homeowner


“Kirk is a very honest man. He has designed a wonderful home that is handicapped accessible and absolutely beautiful.”

- Caroline Watson, Denver, Colorado homeowner


“We went with Kirk because his personality best fit with ours. He really listened to what we wanted and stayed true to our design, while putting his own special touch on it.”

- Margaret Schwartz, Denver, Colorado homeowner


“I love living in the house Kirk designed!  He was a pleasure to work with and had great ideas of his own yet he was always willing to listen to and work with my sometimes unorthodox suggestions.  Building the house was a team project and Kirk was always a willing and thoughtful member of the team.”

- Kea Bardeen, Denver, Colorado homeowner